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I decide to change careers at a late time in life, in my 50s. I got a job at a casual dining restaurant (chain, 170ish units) as a dish washer and I made it clear from day one that I wanted to work on the line. Ok to the big question. I'm not looking to be a Chef but a really good cook, after working very hard for 4 months , finally start training on the app station this weekend. Would it be better to gain line experience this way or find a Chef/owner and plead my case and probably start as dish again. As we get older its harder to keep opinions to onesself, yes chef would be easier to say than yes saute cook.  Your feed back is most welcome. Thank you.

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That's interesting, but you are in the wrong forum, try culinary students forum.




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Honestly, experience is experience. Feel out your current situation before moving to a nicer spot. Simply because you will likely have to buy equipment, knives spoons etc. if you enjoy working in the kitchen and learning, it is an incredible experience working under and learning from a talented chef
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