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Job Shock.

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So I recently transferred across country to a new job and I am still in shock after 3 months. I am a young cook, still pretty fresh in the industry (going on 2 years I believe.)


I started out last year at a Ritz Carlton - worked in every outlet on property and helped a new property during their opening stage (It was the property where it is Jean Georges food). During that year and a half I moved up a rank and absorbed everything I could.


Moving across country, I had to stay within the Marriott company to help the move go a bit smoother. And 3 months in to this place, I see myself not loving what im doing, the people around me are here just for the job and have absolutely no passion.


I see people dropping food on the floor and serving it, dipping their fingers in food and not washing hands after, leaving shrimp to thaw in a pan all day and the next its bad, Chives on the station look like they were cut with a butter knife. We didnt even have sanitizer buckets! And when we got them, a cook who was working there for 5 years asked where the bleach was to put in the bucket! The chef NEVER walks anyones station,he doesnt care if platings are the same, he gives away our steaks to new FOH supervisors, I have people grabbing food off of my station for themselves. Its a serious culture shock. And everyone hates me. I will probably be in the chefs office today, because I had 3 people yesterday tell me they needed one plate for the same table. When i asked them, Why do I have three people at my window telling me that they need 1 plate of cookies, the new supervisor ran to the chef because he didnt like my tone.


Its a mess.And I feel like I walk this line of having to respect my chef, being young, having so much to learn, but also seeing this absolute mess of a kitchen.


Has anyone dealt with this and have any advice? 


I feel a bit trapped as I dont have 2 years under my belt, I still have SO much to learn (and I want to!), and i genuinely love what I do. But I also dont want to be stepping on toes. Thanks in advance!



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You need to leave then before you get caught up in all of this.


There is no excuse for unprofessionalism.

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From my experience in the Niagara Region, for every clean kitchen with passionate chef there are 10 sh%%holes. Kitchens here are subject to high turnover, if it is the same where you are, take advantage of this, move around until you find something. You may volunteer, also, to see what a particular kitchen is like.

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I have been there myself. When I worked for Marriott I was in DC at a hotel and the kitchen was professional. When I transferred to Chicagoland area, I found the same examples as you gave. It was a total shock for me and I knew that not all Marriott accounts ran this way,

Go to your regional director if you can and ask for a transfer.

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Thank you for the feedback. I was going to try to hang out until the Edition hotel opened in Hollywood. But I'm not sure if I can make it. Today, the dishwasher who really wants to be a cook, grabbed my knife and repeatedly stabbed a metal lid on a jar to drain the contents. When I flipped out, he asked"why are you crying about your knife? I have to be fast" I mean. It's nuts.
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Hi All, Only new to this forum. Just in relation to jobs I recently got help from the Miller Group in Belfast... They were great, I moved North for the post & all going well TBG......

Their website is but I found them on facebook........ I think it is 


Anyway in relation to Snufkin sounds like you are threading on toes already... Not your fault, you are the new guy.....Sounds like the head chef is a fire fighter, put out the fire when it has already started......Crazy in a big kitchen, to start just focus on you, your station, get that right, less focus on others, build up some trust, find allies, keep the head down & move when you find right opportunity.........



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