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Current Industry Statistics

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Hey everyone!


I'm putting a rather extensive business plan together in preparation for gaining financing for a build-out. What I'm lacking are some current industry statistics. I really have no idea where to look - so I turned to google and didn't find much help. Lots of outdated info. I'd really love some statistics for catering - especially wedding catering - for my general area (Pacific Northwest). Anybody have any luck tracking this sort of info down? Anyone have any ideas besides polling people on facebook?



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Can you be more specific? Industry statistics for what exactly? 

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Sure thing, I mentioned in my post catering statistics - specifically wedding catering. 


Looking for stats on anything in that genre.


general demographics for the area

Age range

$$ spent per year

$$ spent on wedding and/or catering per year

avg. household income of brides/area in the area

# of brides/grooms getting married each year in the area


^that sort of thing

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Seattle or Portland? the bigger places will likely have more numbers to base their statistics on. 

    I think I would start by contacting a local marketing firm. If they can't tell you they may know where to look. City hall could tell you how many licenses have been issued in the recent past. 

     Every state has a demographer. I know this because a good friend was one and he knew all the rest. So in Washington the demographer would probably be in OIympia, in other states in or near the capital city. They have lots of statistics on all kinds of stuff. they are usually willing to help but can be busy with government business so you may need to call/contact more than once. And through my friend I know the nicer you are, the quicker they will help. The demographer can most likely tell you where to look for whatever info he/she doesn't have. I'm sure my friend would agree they are all numbers geeks and love thinking about questions like yours.

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