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Just to let you know the SLD honesuki is available again. It takes a crazy aggressive edge at any angle. Not that refined but highly effective. I end with a 40 degree edge at 2k and split leather, it's a terrific cutter for basic tasks unless you need a thin blade.
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almost sold on this but it's got triple rivet and sadly no ferrule to seal the scales of the handle which makes me shudder after reading some of the stuff in the professional chefs forum lately. Think I'll pass on the honesuki anyway, I'm not much for yakitori tongue.gif
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The photo on the site does not correspond to what I got. Two rivets and a bolster.

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I know, I believe what koki is selling is a slightly less well done knife, the photo changed as well as the price. I monitor that hiromoto page very closely wink.gif like a more budget version of the honesuki you got. Pretty sure anyway.
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Just ask Mr Iwahara at
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