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As part of my Year 12 studies, I am researching how currently employed chef's manage stress in their daily lives. I have chosen this because it is a career that I am interested in, and I have been told that stress has a big impact on chef's lives.

This is a letter of consent for the purposes of my research project performed in 2015. It will include questions asking about being a chef and how you experience and deal with stress.

All the information that I gather will be destroyed after my research project is over. The information used will go towards the final project and will include your names unless otherwise specified by signing this form you are agreeing that everything you say can be used in my research project you hold the right to withdraw any information you deem unnecessary or unimportant.
if you would please click the link and fill out the short survey it would help a lot Solomon.

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Your survey doesn't ask about us as individuals, but asks us to give you an opinion of chefs in general with no write in room to expand on those answers. That survey won't be accurate or of any real use to you.

To deal with stress I smoke, shoot guns and ride a motorcycle.

These weren't options to choose on your survey.
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