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Can anyone suggest websites of knife search of a knife set...After 2 year of fighting with the knives I have to score my raw ham with this Easter season I am for sure time for a new knife set pronto...I had to end up cutting the ham skin with my cooking shears actually should put that on my list to no telling how long those poor things will last before giving out


Thank you in advance for your help


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I would strongly advice
Mr Koki Iwahara, the owner, is a very serious guy.
They offer a large selection of Western handled chef's knives, gyutos. Have a look at Misono, Fujiwara and JCK Kagayaki. You really can't go wrong, whether you prefer a stainless, semi-stainless, stainless cladded carbon or a monosteel carbon. Within the price range of $100 to $200 you may find quite some blades that are an excellent introduction to fine blades. Get two whetstones for maintenance, one in the JIS1000 range and one in the 4000.
JCK will charge $7 for world-wide shipping.
If you live in the US, you may consider from NY and Mr Broida with, both equally very serious. But shipping costs make these less interesting if you live outside the US.
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As Benuser actually hinted, even with some new knives I think you will certainly well find yourself in today's spot not too far down the line if you haven't some effective means of sharpening.  Anything from a Mino Sharp to a handy mate to a local guy you can bring them too every so often or, don't cringe, learning to do it yourself.  It does seem from your comment that presently you don't have any of these.




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You may want to seek out a local knife sharpening service... To get you by until you know your next step.
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Wrong thread
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Hi...I have not so good I move along with my cooking I see what I need or should have as I go last trusty utility knife I had was mistakenly thrown away by my uncle...I won it at a Food Show now I know what I want its just finding out where to look...Thank for the info will check into now...I live in the US Cleveland, Ohio...Take care 

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I have some really bad knives...I moved in my Grandmothers home after she passed so the knives she has are in really bad shape and my Uncle doesnt make it any better by throwing things I can start off clear and get what I want and keep in a safe place where they wont get thrown out

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Ive heard really good things about japanese knives...I want to THANK YOU all for responding and will for sure do my homework to get what Im looking for...Im US Cleveland, Ohio...Take care and thanks again

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Remember to look into some sort of sharpening plan.




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And work out an arrangement with you uncle too.
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Ok...Check for the sharpening

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I have a set of F Dick knives from back in 1994 that are still going strong they hold a great edge and dont chip or break. They are often the knife culinary school give to there students like mine. I figure why replace them if they still do the job needed I have looked at some crazy expensive knifes in the past it all depends on what you are using them for is it for an at home set or to work on a line in a restaurant with things to consider. What ever you buy it will seem expensive, probably crazy expensive in fact but all you need to know is buy the best you can afford period ! They will work very well probably till your kids , kids pass away. One thing is dont get a set of knife with that forever edge technology crap its a micro serrated edge (not a serrated knife) it will dull and then you will have a useless edge . Straight smooth edges are great for 50.00 you can pick up a knife sharpener that will make them just like new. Good luck and look online and educate your self as to what s out there kitchen stores will sell the best at a huge mark up look online .

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Hi Remi thank you again for your input...Like how your straightforward like that...the knives Im looking for are for home but Im a brat I love my kitchen and I invest in my kitchen...I dont make much but if I see what I want I dont let price scare me away I just set my mind to that price goal and I get it..Im a home cook that loves to cook a lot...the relatives I caregiver for are my judges far dont think about owning a business but love to share what I can cook and especially since I cook healthy w taste...I have treat days as well...Again Thank You and I will continue researching  Take care

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