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I pressure cook mostly brown rice and especially Indian 'Dal' beans (very tiny lentils). One bean (they are called 'Pulses') creates a very, very sticky gravy - like no other in the world; Urad Dal - a high protein bean. I have an old HAWKINS pressure cooker with the weight stopper center top and the handle with an (?) over bar/bridge covering the top of the emergency valve to the side. Anytime I cook the urad dal (always using a sufficient amount of water - 1 cup dal to 6-7 cups water); I think the Hawkings PC is an 8 quart pot, the stopper weight gets choked up and spits out gummy drool (you could say) all over the top of the pressure cooker and sends out sprinkles to the closest wall. I am in the market for a good STAINLESS, med-heavy, or heavy weight highly polished inside, pressure cooker. Bed Bath and Beyond has Fagor but they have the kettle belly shape (don't like - food can burn on the sides), or the inside is not as smoothly polished as I would like). Also the cooker is easiest to handle of there are TWO handles, not one long handle; too much strain on the wrists, and handle.  Please any suggestions - Can do  a 6 quart PC that has a good safety valve. Price range $100-$125.

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