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Pizza dough?

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I'm just looking for a bit of advice on pizza dough. What I'm hoping someone can tell me is how to know when it has been kneaded enough? I want to kneed it enough but obviously not overwork it. I will be doing it by hand as I don't have a dough hook that can do it.

Also should I just bring it together with a spoon and then start to knead it?

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I suppose it depends.  A "normal" dough is just like bread. . You poke it and if it springs back then it's done.  But that's just a basic pizza crust, not the best you can do.  .


You then portion it, chill it,  bring it out to proof for a half hour while keeping the dough moist, and then toss to order.  One raise is all it takes.

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What @kuan said.
I used the higher hydration method for the last couple of "pizza nites".
There is very little kneading involved and the flavor is so much better.
So I suppose it depends on your recipe.

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