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Chocolate meringue

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I'm working out a recipe for a triple chocolate cream pie. Chocolate crust, filling and meringue. I've got my crust and filling figured out, but the meringue is giving me difficulty. I made a traditional meringue for topping pie and sifted in some cocoa powder, baked for 15 mis, and cooled. Although the meringue tasted great, it sank, completely! It looked like a pancake on top of my pie. I was trying to get the 'mile high' effect but chocolate flavored. Any advice would be helpful.
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It wasn't the cocoa powder that deflated your meringue.

Did you fold in the sifted powder correctly without losing the air?

What temperature did you bake the meringue and for how long?

This might have affected the outcome.

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You got it, i didnt fold in the cocoa! Just tried mixing it in as a final step to making meringue. Lesson learned. Thank you. smile.gif
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I came across this a couple of years ago and tried a few of the ideas that made sense and was really happy with the results.
Really fun to take something so unexpected to a party .

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