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...Here's my entry to the canned tuna discussion.  This came from 15-18 lb albacore tunas. A little kosher salt & EVOO.

I will never buy any store bought mush again after eating this.





I bet cats follow you home at night. :lol:

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@ eastshores - Thanks for the link.


The best canned tuna I had was the one I brought back from Florence. Hey, what can I say. 


I try and stay away from large well known brands. I have no idea what they do to package them, even though the label says tuna, salt, water or oil. 


I've just found one in my neighborhood that I believe is commercially canned, and seems to be better than bumblebee. They have it in olive oil or water. Not sure what kind of tuna though. We don't eat tuna that often, and when we do it's usually not canned. might have some info. . . 

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Yeah, when we get canned tuna, Genova in olive oil is our choice.



travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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