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Moving Beyond Cottage Industry

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Good day all.  Thanks in advance.


I have an opportunity to make flavored butters/spreads and drinks for a local personal chef.  I understand that in order to do this, I'll have to become a formal business, with liability, a business name and all that.


My question is, what kind of permit will I need?  I know I'll need to rent a kitchen as I cannot do these kinds of things at home.  I'm not really catering as I'll be selling my wares to the personal chef and not the general public, at least at this point.  Perhaps if my products are well received I can see me wanting to sell them at local business and maybe the local farmer's market (but those are big if's, I know).  I'm certainly no chef, so any permits relating to with restaurant operations seems a bit much.


May I please get your advice on this?  What type of business will I be; what type of permits (in FL) will I require for this type of product?  I hope I have provided enough info.  Obviously, I'm a noob who just happens to have a product others seems to really want.  Beyond that I have no experience in this area.



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Every state handles things in a different manner.

Heck in Texas every COUNTY does things differently lol.

You will need to find a kitchen then contact whoever writes permits for that location.

Start at the lowest entity and if you get no relief go up from there.

So city then county and then state.

A consultant would not be a bad idea either.



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I have a question........How much flavored butter could a private chef use in the course of cooking for his client(s) and how could that be profitable for you?

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Hello Mimi.  Thanks for the very quick response.  I've done some checking and I believe the license I would have to get is a catering license. 


I'm still trying to decide if I want to move beyond the cottage industry.  It seems that it's almost not worth it to to become a business, with permits, fees, taxes, insurance and all that. 


But thank you for your response. 

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