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Oven Pre-Heat Help

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My oven typically takes 10 minutes to preheat.


After preheating, I pop in a muffin tray and bake for 18 minutes.

If I open the oven door and quickly remove the muffin tray and place in another muffin tray to bake a new batch, would I just need to bake for another 18 minutes? Would I need to add more time to the usual 18-min mark?


Or, would you recommend to preheat an empty oven all over again after removing the first batch?


I'm thinking that a quick swap for the second batch would be fine because it takes 10 minutes to preheat my oven, and the first batch was in the oven for 18 minutes (it's almost like it's been preheating for 18 minutes)


What do you think? Thanks in advance.

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Without more details there can only be a lot of "it depends" in an answer.  But let me try.


I'm assuming a home kitchen environment.


First, your oven takes longer than 10 minutes to really stabilize.  The burner may cycle off for the first time after 10 minutes but that is because the air has reached temp and the rest of the oven generally requires longer to catch up.


Second, the amount of insulation in your oven and the time your oven door is open has a lot to do with answering your question.  In general, though, if the door is opened and the trays are transferred relatively quickly then the impact on bake time should be rather negligible.  If the oven wasn't really pre-heated fully, it will be a more significant difference.


Also, in general, time is an estimate and the appearance of the baked goods (or internal temp if you are measuring that) is the better indicator,


But this is such a simple thing to experiment and measure for yourself.  Why not?  Just make sure that your test items are of the same volume and temperature before doing your timing trials.  I've done this for all of my favorite muffin and cookie recipes and have temp/time for each size dishing scoop that I might use.  It only takes 2 or 3 batches to figure it out.

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There are so many variables in individual ovens pinning down the exact answers is hard.


One of the questions i am always asked is "how long do i cook it?"  My answer is always...until it is done.



I would also suggest you get an oven thermometer. :)

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an oven thermometer is a great tool. 


For example, my home oven says it it preheated to 350 in six minutes, but the thermometer only reads around 200, and just over 320 when it does finally heat up, it runs 30 degrees cool. 


Once your oven does finally heat up, it should hold heat, and a quick pan swap will not let out enough heat to impact your baked product. 

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Thanks for your comments! I'll test these out this weekend.

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