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Well, erm, hello :) it's morning here from Singapore 0555hrs. 


stumbled upon this place while I was looking for reviews for stand mixers, one of the reviewers put out this link, so here I am. I had just graduated Dec '14 from a culinary school in Singapore. I'm really looking forward in gaining new knowledge about this whole being a pastry cook thing from those who are already waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above me. Couple of friends of mine are opening a English inspired cafe (they just got back from UK) and I'll be working as a baker alongside two other chefs. I'm all excited and stuff :D I'm glad I stumbled upon here.


Thanks for the welcome, Sir Nicko. :)

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Welcom dnzb!!!  Always glad to meet part of the new generation cooks and chefs!  You'll find a lot of great information here in the forums, and a lot of really smart, really helpful people to bounce questions and ideas off of.  Best of luck on your new adventure.  I hope you keep us all updated to your progress as a pastry chef and to the progress of your new venture.

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Thanks for the welcome!!


Currently scratching my head about getting a new tabletop stand mixer :(


but I do hope to learn some new stuff here :D from the gurus :D

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