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First Kitchen Manger Job

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I have been a line cook for 5 years and have worked in some of the best restaurants in my area. I have no culinary school. Just recently my chef put in his two weeks out of no where. I've been this chefs sous chef for about a year now. I know how to do his job. The owner came up to me and asked me if I would be willing to take his place and be the kitchen manager id be getting the same pay he was getting but keep in mind I am only 20 years old and I have 2 other job offers to be line cooks at two other high volume restaurants and I could also just follow my chef and continue to be his sous chef. Do you guys have any advice for a first time kitchen manager? My biggest concern is getting the respect from my coworkers because of my young age.

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I being a younger chef say to take it and try it if you are motivated as much as I was then age has nothing to do with it I have old executive chefs with over 30 years experience as my line cooks and listen and follow me. Just don't be afraid to take criticism and ask questions when needed. Work you ass off and show your crew respect.
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hell ya take it. even if you burn out and fail in 2-3 months its still something to reflect on and learn from. as with anything have a entry plan and most importantly exit plan. maybe take on one or 2 summers and then make yourself move on to something better. in my experience that has helped me stick through stressful times. knowing that there is an end is important...for me anyway.

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