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VENUE:  a 58-seat bourbon bar with an 'artsy, West Village'' aesthetic that has successfully entered the restaurant business because there is a  niche in our area for dinner that promises fresh ingredients (farm to table where possible), innovative, or at least interesting combination of flavors.  Situated in a town of 16,000, a county of 30,000 in "bluegrass" area of Kentucky, 40 miles from Lexington; 90 miles from Louisville.  Jane Barleycorn's is downtown Danville, one block from 1200-student liberal arts college, Centre College.  We were named one of 60 top Bourbon bars in the country and have a growing reputation for food.  4 person Kitchen composed of an Executive Chef, Sous Chef that runs the sauté line/cold salad line, assistant cook that runs roasting oven and dessert line and a dishwasher.  No fryers  flat tops or grills in the house; all cooking is done on 4, high-quality induction burners and a dragon of a convection oven. 


MENU:  Eclectic bistro fare; We have a menu that is heavy on creative, well-seasoned, rustic dishes reflecting acquaintance with Italian, French, Mid-Eastern, Latin, Southwestern cuisines with  a  tip of the hat to influences of haute cuisine.  The outgoing chef attended CIA and after her tenure, we have an appreciation of what a Culinary-School Trained/aRestaurant-Experienced individual can bring to the table in terms of creativity and a solid knowledge base of culinary basics, particularly seasoning of dishes, stock and scratch sauces and ability to write a menu for our particular kitchen set-up.  Menu changes completely every 2 weeks and sometimes weekly, paying homage to those seeking 'comfort food' and as well as a clientele that is well-traveled and educated  seeking 'interesting, sophisticated, contemporary'' food. 

Contact: or 859-324-5036


Salary:  $33K for chef/ $14 per hour for line cook  both negotiable



-would oversee all aspects of kitchen operations:

 menu development; food preparation, cooking—must have ability to be a competent, solo line cook and expiditer, with keen eye for quality control, management of inventory levels and ability to limit food waste; provide for scheduling needs; effectively manage staff; hold self to a higher standard, be a role model at all times.


LINE COOK-   looking for someone with the ability to work clean, efficient and happy. station requirements: initial setup/prep of own station, meat and cheese boards, mussels, pastas, seafood, steaks, salads, and various appetizers.  close quarters and at busy times, high volume, demands organization and calm.  must be able to create to order and season in the moment, all dishes, everything is prepared either during the prep day or on the line from scratch. closing duties include break down and cleaning of station, sweeping/mopping, and some dishes.


This week's menu minus usual fresh seafood:



Bone Marrow- (2 each) roasted beef shank bones, watercress salad, olive oil & toast $12 (or 1 for $7)


“Hot Brown” Crostini- roast turkey, tomato, pancetta, aged Gouda Mornay sauce and parsley  $10


Beans & Greens Soup-parmesan prosciutto broth, cannellini beans & spinach $7


Small mixed green salad- buttermilk dressing, tomato & croutons $5




Cheese & Meat Boards

Build Your Own







Hot Italian Sausage & pepper Panini-chopped sausage, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, mozzarella, parmesan & house made Giardiniera- served with salad  $14


Seared Steak- tomato butter, charred scallions- boiled fingerling potatoes with mint & oregano  $18


Bacon Burger- ground Angus beef mixed with ground bacon- mozzarella, spicy aioli, charred tomato & arugula  $14


West African Style Chicken Skewers- (4 each) marinated with peanuts & spices-salad with avocado, radish, cilantro & fresh ginger-sweet chili sauce $14


Fettuccini with Shrimp- scallions, spinach & mascarpone cheese $18



Buttermilk Panna Cotta- fruit soup & fresh berries $8


“Derby Pie” (kind of)- chocolate mouse, pecan cookie crumble, fresh mint & whiskey whip cream  $8