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I am going to try doing a rolled, stuffed loin of pork and I could use a good stuffing recipe with walnuts. The reason for this request is that I have a huge bag of walnuts from the tree in my garden left over from last year. I quite fancy walnuts and mushrooms, any good ideas anyone please?


I'm a hobby cook without a lot of experience, that's why I need to ask all you great chefs.


Thank you and have a tasty weekend.

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If you post this in this section you may get some responses.


I don't have a recipe, but I've made braciole with a pork loin. Here's Lidia's version which is close to what I make but I don't use chopped eggs. Just substitute your walnuts for the pine nuts. You can add mushrooms to the sauce. You don't have to cut your loin in individual pieces like the recipe instructs. Just open it and stuff and roll. This could be done as a roast without the sauce too.


I've made Jacques Pepin's stuffed tenderloin using a loin and adjusted the cooking time. Adding walnuts and mushrooms would be good.

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Hi MTullius- Good morning from France. (I am English but live in France) 


Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my post, very kind. The links are very helpful and will be stored in my 'Chef's' folder on my PC. I'll probably give it a try next week.


I also need tips on stuffing for a leg of lamb which I am boning out and stuffing on Thursday of this week. This'll be my first real attempt at cooking for guests as I've only been at it (Cooking) for a few months, it's become something of a hobby.


Keep well and have a nice day.

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 Mushroom dexelles added to sautéed spinach  or  Bread stuffing with pineapple /walnuts and sautéed mirepoix diced

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Any of the suggestions Ed or I gave would work with lamb as well.


I don't advise getting too adventurous with new recipes when you have guests coming. But here are some ideas to play with. Maybe make a bit of stuffing for chicken and see if you like it before committing to a an expensive leg of lamb and a dinner party. You could go Moroccan, Middle Eastern, or Greek. These aren't recipes I've tried, but I thought they look good. Two of the recipes are actually for other cuts of lamb. So don't use the cooking technique given. I just linked them for the stuffing ideas. (the recipe is WAY down at the bottom)


(PS- The Moroccan calls for "ras-el-hanout." It's a spice mixture containing the spices already called for in the recipe plus clove cinnamon and nutmeg. You can leave it out and just add a dash of those.)


You could serve these with the sides appropriate to the cuisine, but if that's too daunting, roasted root vegetables and a green salad or marinated mixed vegetables would work.


You can make stuffing with whatever sounds good and you have on hand. Break down the stuffing components and you get


vegetables- onions, carrots, celery, garlic, spinach, mushrooms,etc

herbs and spices

other flavors- nuts, cheese, fruits, olives, marinated artichoke hearts, etc

starch- dry bread crumbs moistened or fresh ones, prepared rice, maybe others?

You can add flavor by choosing different moistening liquids, milk, wine, broth or fruit juice.



Toast any nuts and remove from pan. Saute the vegetables, with spices adding any fresh delicate herbs at the end. Then add any additional ingredients and the starch. (If your pan is big enough, you can mix it all in there. Mix gently so your starch doesn't get gooey) Keep in mind both the vegetables and meat will add some moisture to the stuffing, so you don't want it too wet..You can add a bit more dry bread crumbs if it is. This was the biggest challenge for me. But after you prepare it using a good recipe a few times you'll get the feel for how moist it should be.


Most important when trying a new recipe!! Taste the stuffing and make sure you like it. Maybe only use half the herbs and spices if you are uncertain about the flavors. You can always add the rest if it needs more.  If it's too strong add more starch. Keep in mind that you're not eating a big bowl of the stuffing by itself though. It should be very flavorful, you want it to be noticed.


Whew! I think I've now told you everything I can think of about stuffing! Have fun!

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Thanks ER, looks and sounds great. Thank you for your time.

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That should read 'ED' of course, just a typo, sorry.

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Hello again MTullius


Wow! You've gone to so much trouble for me I am very greatful  to you. You should change your forum name to 'Mega-chef'


Have a nice day.

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Your very welcome and thanks for the compliment! Let us know how your party goes.

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