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Rack of Lamb Trimmings

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Hi. Yesterday I filleted a rack of lamb to use the loin in a recipe. Does anybody have any suggestions on something I can do with the trimmings? There are 6 rib bones and a lot of fat but quite a bit of meat layered in the fat.
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It depends on how tallowy the fat tastes.  If it's mild you could grind it for sausage and add some lean pork if necessary.  No need for casings you can patty it, or roll in cling and poach it.  Or trim it good and grill the ribs?

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Discarding the fat and making some stock would be another option

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Years ago we had a big lamb roast. We fed the trimmings - mostly fat - to our dog, who eagerly ate it all.  It gave her gas which smelled like the end of the world.  We had to lock her out of the house for three days  She was heartbroken and couldn't understand what it was she did that we would treat her so badly. Fortunately we were in Southern California at the time, so she didn't freeze.


Don't feed the trims to your pet!


Mike  ;)

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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I'd trim the excess fat and just sear them in a pan.  I do that with all kinds of trimmings. I find them delectable, lamb pork or beef.  I save animal fat for searing so I'd render that.


For another you can of course use the rack in roasting a loin, as in seasoning the whole thing then placing it back in the bones it came from, but apparently you have other ideas.




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