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Konosuke HH 210 Petty

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Anyone have experience with this specific knife?

If not, anyone have experience with the Konosuke HH line?

How does it compare to the HD line?

How is the HH line overall?

How much did HH 210 Petty go for when they were still for sale?
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I have the 210mm white #2 gyuto, which is not what you asked at all!  However, my experience with other konosuke lines is that they are fairly consistent across their lines in terms of profile and geometry.  Lasers with similar grind, and very short.


Any particular reason to have 210 petty vs gyuto? When people talk about longer petty, I think they want to do a little bit of board work, vs short petty for in hand things.  In this case, I can tell you it has no knuckle clearance; as such, I use my 210 'gyuto' as a petty or short suji.


No exp with HH because I like carbons.  Maybe someone else will chime in about the steel.

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CKTG says the steel appears very similar to 19C27, which is much the same as Ginsan 3, both are tough and have slightly better edge retention than the HD steel, though the latter gets a bit sharper - from what I have read of them.    Regardless, you can't go far wrong with Konosuke.




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