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Chef in training

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Recently I applied for the head chef position at my work, and some of you may have read my forum post asking for advice.

I didn't get the job, I am way under-experienced, but the exec told me that once a week he would be willing to sit down and teach me about being a chef and running a kitchen.
He wants me to help him by jotting down some questions I have.
I was wondering if anyone could assist me? I already have a few for example: how do you order food from vendors, but I know there is so much to learn. Thanks! -Dylan
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Ask how he costed out items for the menu and how much he allotted for overhead (labor/electricity/property costs/insurance costs, etc) when deciding what to charge. Also ask about how often inventory is done, how theft is prevented, how to minimize waste for maximum profitability, how to learn to manage people with different personalities, how to mandate a cleaning schedule so that all equipment and surfaces are kept up, how to train staff and ensure that they are using servsafe practices.. Are you servsafe certified? There is so much to learn, listen to and write down any advice given 😊
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Wow and thank you. That's what I was hoping for!
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