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Summer Veggie B'fast Hash recipe anyone?

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Our little breakfast/lunch cafe does a big business in traditional corned beef hash. This fall, we added a special of root veggie hash that rivaled the sales of the corned beef, at a far lower food cost. It's not a season appropriate dish, however, as it was a variety of root vegetables; sweet potato, red and yellow beets, spanish onion, turnip, celery root , carrot and golden delicious apple. I'm playing around with a summer version of; summer quash and zucchini, seeded diced tomato, red onion, yukon gold potato, apple, red bell pepper, and sweet corn off the cob. The challenge is to prep it in large batches and still tastes fresh for a few days, and that it cooks fast on the flat top. The corn is a nice component but is the biggest PIA of the dish. Husking, oven roasting, finishing in the salamander and taking it off the cob produces the best product with the tools we have to work with, (no grill) but it's a royal PIA. I may just have to do without the corn.


Anyone have a tried and true summer veggie hash?

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One of my favorite hashes to make when camping (so I guess a good "summer" hash) is a Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash I make.  Diced chicken (I usually use smoked chicken but not necessary) sweet and white potato, roasted green chiles, onion, bacon, and a dash of chipotle pepper powder.  While based on sweet potato it is vibrant enough to make it seem summery.


As for your recipe, IMHO, I'd drop the tomato.  It is just going to turn to mush and add unnecessary water that may prevent getting a nice crispy crust (my favorite part of any hash).  I'd add some asparagus, thinly sliced stems, saving the tips for garnish or for something else.  I would probably skip the apple also as it just seems a little strange to me in the mix you have.  Are you adding any type of meat to this hash or keeping it completely vegetarian?


As for the corn, why so much pre cooking?  The corn should cook while you cook the hash.  If you want some charred corn for flavor, then I would cut it off the cob and char it in a dry, smoking hot cast iron skillet.

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Agreed on the tomatoes. We did a batch today without them and it's an improvement. Still on the fence about the apple. We only use a few in a 10 pound batch so it's pretty subtle, and adds a minor sweet element. In addition to the zukes and summer squash, yukon potato, red and green onion, red bell pepper, garlic, we precook the corn al dente because we really only have time to get it hot on the flat top. This isn't necessary with later season corn. At only 40 seats, it's essential to have ticket times of 4-7 minutes. We do like it as a vegetarian and gluten free option as we have so many meat and seafood choices for breakfast options. Appreciate your input. Thanks.



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Wild rice and garbanzo beans make a good base for a veggie hash. 

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If it were my menu I would add leeks and get rid if the tomato and apple.
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