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Hmm I met this Kenji fellow from Serious Eats blog.  I was already a fan and he recently commented on KKF about the Misen kickstarter..  I didn't know he would be at the restaurant when I made reservations.


He seems to know about my cleavers and hand chopped burger preferences.  I always knew celebrity chefs followed me on social media! 



It's a great book.  I wrote a review here:

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Yes things got a little intense on that KKF post.  What restaurant did you meet him at, is he local?





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This was at Kirkland Tap and Trotter.   I walked in and on the menu was his book and his famous fried chicken as specials.  You had the option to buy the book and Kenji was making rounds and signing them. The best thing I ate was actually from the normal menu - mussels, squid ink orichete, turkish peppers and miso sauce


Kenji graduated from MIT. Before he became a full time food writer, he used to work at a few restaurants mostly in Cambridge.  He lives somewhere in CA now but is in town occasionally.

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