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My name is John, and I am 24 years old I currently work at Walmart, but hoping to change careers into something in the culinary field. I have an interview for a line cook at Red Robin, I been cooking at home off and on since I was ten years old, and is something I find enjoyable.  But lately, I been feeling a call or something thats calling me towards culinary, though I am a communication major and enjoy that as well.  I took Culinary Arts two of my four years in high school.


My favorite styles of food to cook are Italian, classic American comfort food, Mexican, and I love to learn new things and love  gaining new skills. My calling to cook to be honest came through watching Hells Kitchen been binge watching again lately on Hulu.

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Welcome to the forum!


This is how it starts---so jump into the new job and learn---if you enjoy the work,consider signing on with an off premise caterer as 'on call ' help----that will expose you to a huge variety of serving styles without a huge time commitment.--good luck,Mike

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