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Falk Signature Line Review

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Recently I bought a number of Falk Signature line pans after due diligence of various high end copper and professional pans and thought I would share my research, buying experience, and initial impressions.


Falk, Matfer Bourgeat, and Mauviel were all in the .2mm stainless / 2.3mm copper sweet spot which is where I settled. Duparquet had 3.2mm copper but far smaller selection and tin lining which I wasn't too thrilled about the upkeep for.  De Buyer had only 1.8mm copper.  Sitram left the dreaded burn ring around the edges where the aluminum disk didn't extend to the edge.  Demeyere solved that but was heavier, no cheaper than copper, and like All-Clad did not seal the aluminum core at the edge so shouldn't be put in the dishwasher.


Under the current volume discount deal, Falk ended up almost 30% cheaper than Matfer Bourgeat and almost 50% cheaper than Mauviel, had a great selection, and was the only copper pan available with stainless handles which I coveted.  I decided to go with Falk and called Falk USA to chat.  Spoke with Tom who was knowledgeable, pleasant, and accommodating.


I was curious about the matte stainless interior finish compared to the Matfer Bourgeat mirror finish.  Seemed to me matte would favor stickage but so far I'm not seeing any problem.  Falk instructs to season the pans before using, something I've not encountered the need for with stainless surfaces in the past, but it does seem to work.  Pans hand wash clean up more easily than my stainless All-Clad ever did.


One of my new pans evidenced a flaw in the exterior that Tom was Johnny-on-the-spot to arrange for a free exchange for a new pan.  The return policy requiring pans be unused was fully disclosed upfront and the pan interiors bore self-destructing stickers enforcing it.  I used acetone to get the sticker residue off before washing then seasoning.


I love the no-maintenance aspect and modern look of the Signature line stainless handles.  The downside is Falk needs a certain volume of demand for Signature pieces as they must buy the proper size of handles in bulk so have yet to do so for the smallest and largest pieces across all the pan types.  I was bummed I couldn't get a few Signature line sizes I wanted.


The brushed exterior of the Falk is a treat.  It looks very acceptable without all the polishing the shiny exteriors of the other manufacturers copper pans seem to call for.


No problems with any pitting so far.  I'm hyper-careful with salt.


The U.S. version of the U.K. Try-me deal is on the website as the 18cm Saucier at 25% discount.


The packing of the pans left something to be desired.  The seams of the thin shipping box bulged almost open.  The heavy pans bounced around the loose wadded paper filling making thudding sounds inside the box.  No observable damage to anything though, perhaps as each pan was wrapped in bubble wrap.


So far I'm very happy with the Falk pans which are giving me great copper performance and looks sans some of the classic copper drawbacks all at a great price.

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Thank you for posting your review. I think those Falk stainless steel handles are so much cooler to handle, and lighter - and are the way to go, unless you insist on being a traditionalist- which is great in many ways- thick hotel grades and hammered finishes.


I also like the mirror stainless interior of the Bourgeat copper , because I suspect it is less susceptible to salt pitting and with such expensive pans it's wise to mention to rinse them out quickly afterwards, if you've heavily salted in the pan. 

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Hi splatz,


I recently bought some Falk cookware myself.  I first bought a 2 qt sauce pan.  Then the

28 cm saute pan, which I return, because of a deep scratch.  I then ordered a 24 cm dutch oven, which I also returned because the finish of the rim was uneven.  They sent my a new one immediately but it also had an uneven finish around the rim.  While I was waiting for it to arrive I ordered an 8 qt stock pot, which I received today.  It also has an uneven surface.


Can you tell me if yours has this same uneven finish?

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