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Working in medicine for over 20 years thoroughly brainwashed me re sanitation.

It is a miracle I don't rub everything in the kitchen down with hand sanitizer every 8 hours.

I still have trouble using a public restroom.

Just imagining your dinner is making me twitch lol .



I worked in sterile environments for years - biochemical labs, doing bacterial cultures which naturally had to be kept very clean. We never used bleach. Detergent and/or ethanol for work surfaces was all that was ever needed. We only broke out the hypochlorite for deactivating prion protein when we worked with that, absolutely no need for bleach to sterilize anything in the kitchen, that is a purely American obsession.


Did I say bleach?

Bleach and living human tissue are not a good combo.

We did use a lot of sanitizer (hand included) on everything daily (Labor and Delivery unit with a three suite OR) to curb the spread of nasties like MRSA (prolly did nothing but it looked good to the patients lol).

Cannot tell you what chemicals were in the brand provided by the hospital but if it is important I can pull a MSDS for you.


Re the instruments (surgical or the pack we used in the birthing rooms) were scrubbed with hot water then soaked in something wicked (you may be familiar with it, a clear blue fluid that required a double glove) then rinsed before being wrapped and dated for heat sterilization.


So bleach.





Ummmm... what happened to the chicken topic?

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Yes. Question was to rinse or not. How it got into bleach etc. and no chicken?????
I'm 66 years old and in my hay day cold whip it together and entertain with the best. Not a chef but always desired to go to culinary school. May still do it.
I always rinse off the chicken with cold water (salt water if desired) in a pot. Then put chicken in a strainer to drain. Lay chicken on paper towels and then pat dry with other paper towels.
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Sorry, there was a lot of talk about bleach above your post, up to and including rinsing chicken with it... 

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Originally Posted by ED BUCHANAN View Post

My error I use  bleach 05 pp then I rinse it. What the heck we swim in the stuff anyway.
no please that is such an old school frowned upon technique. people actually did this back in the day i have heard horror stories from old battleaxe types but I think ed is yanking chains.
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I recently watched a very good documentary on the prevalence of salmonella in chicken on PBS-Frontline.

here is the link:


Luc H.

I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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