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MasterCook - New User Question

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I'm hoping there are some experienced MasterCook users who are willing to share their experience.


I'm brand new to the software, and while I am thrilled to have so many "cookbooks" and recipes included with the software, I am concerned that the already full "virtual cookbook" shelf will make it difficult to save and find my own recipes.


How have you experienced users approached this?  Do you keep all of the provided resources active, or do you somehow "hide" them until you choose to use them?  I wonder if I wouldn't prefer to start with an "empty bookshelf" in order to create my own set of cookbooks and recipes rather than adding mine to an already existing set of cookbooks.  I know I can create new cookbooks for my recipes, but it seems like they'd get lost among the many cookbooks already provided.


I hope this makes sense.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Are there other forums to discuss MasterCook as a user?


Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Everyone is different. I'd recommend going through each of the cookbooks and deciding on if you see yourself using any of the recipes. If you don't see any use delete it, it might be time consuming, but like you I'd prefer to have a clean shelf. Also if you go through a cookbook and find 1 out let's say 100 recipes that you think you will use, write it down, delete the cookbook and then add that lone one back into wherever you want. Hope this helps
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Thanks for the suggestion, Ben!  Apparently the cookbooks can be "hidden" and the "unhidden" from within the program.  That might be a solution as well.  I don't want to simply delete them in the event there are some "keeper" recipes!  :-)

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Create your own cookbook and save recipes to it!

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