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personal chef in CAlifornia

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Im trying to start a personal chef business and they are asking me for Food Permit from the health Department so I went to request such permit and I found out I cant get It because I need a inspected, commercial facility, I argued with them that I am not catering I would like to work as personal chef and they keep saying I cant buy any food or bring any equipment to the clients home ??? how exatly I start this business without dealing this issued>>???

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Find another personal chef and ask them how they started. If you search the links on this forum, you should find several threads discussing this issue. 

      Who is asking for the permit? My understanding of the personal chef business is that you do the shopping for the family, bring the food to their home, then cook it. In that case, I don't see why you would need a permit as you are charging  for your time and expertise. 

     In the event that you are cooking for others in some other situation, you would definitely need a Health Department approved facility, your own or some one else's. 

I would also talk to someone at your culinary school to see if anyone knows local regulations and issues for your interest. 

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thanks for answering the city was asking me for them but I guess they didn't need them after all they all gave me business license, I was asking because I  don't want to get in trouble with health department, also I have my food handler card & ServSafe

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