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Where to buy in Europe?

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I live in brazil and I am at Portugal for 1 year, I want to take the opportunity to buy some stuff.


Where is the best(cheap/no tax) place to buy/order around here?


I'm thinking at this:
Konosuke HD
Idahone 12" fine ceramic
Chosera Stones



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Portugal is a large country. What part of Portugal are you staying in?

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Lisbon, but can be online also...

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Normally id recommended and for worldwide shipping rates. Jck is from japan with $7 worldwide shipping. I've never been charged import tax, maybe it was marked as a gift. Jns (denmark) has free shipping with a minimum order. The problems are import tax and VAT cost, and neither vendor is selling konosoke or comparable laser. Still worth looking at if you consider other knives.
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I second millionsknives suggestion.
I got some knives into the Netherlands via jck and wasn't charged any taxes either

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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You shouldn't expect the same degree of laxity with other custom officers as with our Dutch ones. If you order from outside the EU, be prepared for paying import tax, local VAT and handling costs.
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I Have used jck quite a few times and they always mark the parcel with a '$20' value which seems to avoid taxes etc..... For the uk anyway!
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