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Greetings from Belgium

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My name is Bart and I'm just a simple home cook from Belgium :)
But I like my food and I'm starting an education by the end of the year.
(I guess the good food in Belgium has a lot to do with this)
So that I can cook awesome food for myself, family and friends.
And perhaps who knows... Something professional as a second job or...



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Hi Bart,


Welcome. I was in Brussels three weeks ago and bought back some Pierre Marcolini, speculoos and around 150 bottles of Belgian beer (Bruges Zot, La Chouffe, Jambes De Bois, Cuvée des Trolls etc.). I also got my chef back about two litres of Gueuze so he can create a rabbit dish with it.


I love Belgian produce and also carbonnade! All very underrated.



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Bienvenue, Bart!  We were in Brussels and Brugges in 2007 and really enjoyed it. It is so beautiful there, and the food and beer really can't be beat! Hope you enjoy discovering this website as it is a great resource. 

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