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handle design decisions

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I got this Delbert Ealy damascus blank for a lot cheaper than they go for completed, along with some figured Koa scales.  It needs a handle, etching, and sharpening.  Side jobs and weddings will keep me busy all summer.  Maybe in a month I'll have time to actually put it together.  This is my first "grown up" paring knife, not a $5 victorinox junker.  It's also my first American maker not including forgecrafts.




I'm trying to decide if I want to do two small pins like these:



OR two small and a big one in the middle:


I don't particularly want anything distracting from the koa wood or the damascus but without any pins, you'd really notice they are missing.


This is one of my last western handle projects.  I just want to keep it true to the style of the maker so it feels like a Del knife.  Otherwise I'd grind the tang down and do a hidden tang handle.


So how many pins to use?  Maybe just one big one in the middle..

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Love it! 


I'm tending to orient away from large rivets (including mosaics) and preferring 2 or 3 very small pins... and it wouldn't take too much to talk me into no pins at all.

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I'm considering no pins too.  Maybe it's at like 20%.  80% leaning to 2 small pins

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Weekend update

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Love this thing. Nice and thin but not flimsy and cheap like victorinox. Sharpens like a boss. Time to flute some mushrooms!
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That's a nice job mate.
Love that knife.
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