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bone marrow uses

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Whole foods tried to charge me $5.99 /lb and I laughed in their face.  What a rip off... local butcher $1.50 or free if they like you


Anyway, what do y'all do with the stuff?  Roast it, put it on bread pretty much is all I used to do.   There has to be more to it than this!


Last time I smoked it, whipped it with butter into an herb bone marrow butter (5:1 marrow:butter) and put it on a steak.  I used the left over butter to finish off some roasted potatoes it was awesome! 


chuck/rib steak.  smoked bone marrow butter, butter, mushrooms onions in demi glace with bourbon.  Yes 4 types of cow product on the plate.  I know it's salad month.  I get cravings ya know?



So other ways to use bone marrow?  Tips and tricks? I see a lot of transverse cuts but I prefer the long "canoe" type cut.  Easier to see when it's done, easier to remove.

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Bordelaise sauce!! 


I too usually just boil/roast them and spread on fresh bread, season with S & P and go to heaven. 

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Haha I was only one ingredient away!  Next time!

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