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A busy week

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Today is the start of Gothia cup, the largest youth football( soccer to us yanks) in the world with teams comming from over 50 countries at 25000 plus kids. Ill be cooking and feeding appx 3000 of them a day, bfast, lunch and dinner, 600 onsite and the rest delivered to 3 different sights to service kitchens. Got my first delieveries yesterday, 18 wagons plus a pallot of meet and half a pallot of bread. Kinda makes the 10000 togo meals Im doing next week seem like a cake walk.

That last picture is a half metric ton of rice. Gone in 4 days.
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I feel for the poor soul who is on egg duty...

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Been there....have fun

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Fun is definatly a word to describe the week. 😃

I can assure you i can wait for next year to come, but it went smoothly.
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Originally Posted by Andrew Curley View Post

I feel for the poor soul who is on egg duty...


@Lagom Yeah why didn't you just get bagged eggs?

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The eggs were simple, soft and hard cooked. 60 in a tray an full steam in the rational for 4,5 mins and 11 mins. Doubble pan and onto the steam table. Holds nicely for and hour.

No scrambbled or fried for this event.
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