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Mugen knives

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Hello all =)

I have a whole collection of Zwilling JA Henckel knives that I have been using but am tired of having to constantly sharpen the Stainless Steel, so I went out and bought 2 Mugen knives from a company called


Knifewear.  They are a Mugen HAP40 Gyuto knife (240mm -- approx 9.5") for $700 Cdn and a Mugen HAP40 Nakiri knife (165mm -- approx 6.5") for $630 Cdn.  I have since been trying to find information on these and have had no luck.   My understanding is that HAP40 is excellent steel, but is anyone familiar with Mugen knives at all?  Did I get ripped off or find a super deal?  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thank you all.


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Well... that's an extreme jump from Henckels.  I've seen you ask this question on multiple forums today.  Dunno what kind of validation you're looking for.


Someone asked about these knives before and Del Ealy said basically that HAP40 isn't an easy steel to work with and cladding it in stainless damascus isn't easy to do either.  If the heat treat isn't exactly right, the knife will literally explode on you and then you're out material cost.  So that explains some of the cost.


Not worth it for me, but I'm not surprised it costs what it costs.


I think the handles are ugly as sin and the steel is too hard for a gyuto.  I wouldn't recommend it as a first gyuto.  You'll probably chip it a lot.

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Sending back would be indeed the way to go. And taking your time in the next round.
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