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Mikado of Cavaillon melon and Bayonne ham sticks


A rainy day, time to play Mikado. It's a variation of "melon de Cavaillon" with Parma ham. These small melons from the region of Cavaillon are immensely popular in summer for their sweet taste. A perfect combo with Parma ham, but I used the French Bayonne, also air dried, from the French Basque region. An improvisation that turned out quite well!


Cavaillon melon and air dried Bayonne ham 5

 Here's how I made the sticks;

Cavaillon melon and air dried Bayonne ham 1  "Melon de Cavaillon", no more than a handful. Sweet and bright orange flesh.


Cavaillon melon and air dried Bayonne ham 2  Spread ham on one half of a store bought puff pastry sheet. Close with the other half and pin-roll both sides between baking paper.


Cavaillon melon and air dried Bayonne ham 3  Cut strips with a very sharp knife and roll.


Cavaillon melon and air dried Bayonne ham 4  Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle whatever you like on them; kummel, dried thyme, Spanish pimenton (yummmm), sesamy seeds....

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Chris, I tried your idea of leeks on the bbq yesterday and they came out very tasty.


Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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Glad you enjoyed it,  @butzy, in fact that is an original Spanish dish!

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Chicken Stroganoff


Grrrr, it's 18°C over here, windy and raining. I can't serve a cold dish, so maybe time for something old fashioned since I have the ingredients in my fridge. Stoganoff sauce is one of those things that you can improvise on.


Chicken Stroganoff 1


Red onion, garlic, bell peppers, passata, cream (sour cream would be much better), vodka, chili powder instead of paprika powder, a bunch of tarragon and beef stock (I used half a tsp of paste,... oh noooo), oh and a few drops of tarragon vinegar. Simmer short enough to keep the peppers somewhat crunchy. The rest explains itself if you recognized the chicken breast.


Chicken Stroganoff 2

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Insalata Caprese


Go for Buffalo Mozzarella just for once and notice the difference!

The worldfamous salad from Capri; mozzarella, tomato, basil; olive oil, seasoning and basta. That's what Italian cuisine is all about; MOFMOF; minimum of fuss, maximum of flavor.


Insalata Caprese 2Insalata Caprese 1

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Salad with warm chicken and chipotle-mayo dressing


Chicken again, forgot to put the rest in the freezer, but, no problem, I could eat this salad every day of any summer!

Salad as you like. I used romaine, cucumber, tomato, chives.

Panfried chicken breast with spring onion and red chili, all put on top of the salad at the ultimate last minute just before serving. Dressing is a mix of thinned homemade "10 seconds" mayo and chipotle hot sauce.


Cold salad, hot chicken, chipotle-mayo dressing

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Some great ideas here for my summer cookout on Saturday!

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Its the wifes birthday today. Her mom make this tort for her every year

Sponge cake layers brushed with chambord
Pastry cream inbetween the layers
Un sweetened whipped cream covering
Sliced bananas, wild strawberries, and blueberries on top, sometimes but not this year wineberries.

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@MillionsKnives too bad you're so far away, I would gladly come and help you Saturday to... eat along and watch you cooking ;)

@Lagom sounds like you own a great mother in law! What a great birthday cake! Kiss the misses for me, will you?

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Cauliflower pasta with almonds


In fact, I was planning to make "albondigas con almendras", Spanish meatball tapa that I ate a few times in the same place in Spain. They wouldn't give me a recipe, but I tried and tried to recreate it. This time I'm on the right track, except, I had no mince in the house! So I made what I thought to be an almond/garlic paste that is probably used in the albondigas and put it in my cauliflower dish.

The cauliflower dish was planned to be a "pasta alla Siduri", most members here know that I'm talking about a much appreciated dish proposed by our member @siduri,  a simple combo of cauliflower, garlic and chili on pasta.

So, I ended up with this cauliflower pasta with almonds. It's simply sensational!


Cauliflower pasta with almonds 4


Here's how;


Cauliflower pasta with almonds 1  We kind of have top class vegetables over here. Look at this cauliflower; equally white and very dense. You'll need also blanched almonds, a lot of garlic and a few chili flakes.


Cauliflower pasta with almonds 2  The cauliflower is not boiled but panfried in olive oil. Cut the large florets in 4 through their stem, that will keep them whole and it will be easier to turn and color them. Once they have a color, s&p, reduce fire and put a lid on the pan. Use enough cauliflower, the florets will shrink quite a lot!


Cauliflower pasta with almonds 3  Meanwhile, blend the blanched almonds and a lot of garlic with parmesan, s&p, chili flakes and cream into a paste. When the cauliflower is nearly done, add this thick paste to the pan and stir gently. Let fry slowly for another 10 minutes or so. One of my best pasta dish ever!!

I used a big handful of almonds, 1/2 tsp of chili and 4 cloves of garlic and just enough cream to turn it into a paste.

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I will certainly try this pasta today!
Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
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Que aproveche, amigo!

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Great pasta Chris. And the garlic-almonds-cream paste makes for a stupendous dipping sauce. I have a Komodo dragon's breath now!

Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
Gebe Gott uns allen, uns Trinkern, einen so leichten und so schönen Tod! Joseph Roth.
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Yeah, I know, I haven't seen any vampires this week either and there was very little kissing if you asked me

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Time to visit my beloved Spain. If the Spanish see my poorly executed "calamares" or squid rings, I will be in trouble. My batter didn't cooperate as I would have liked, which you should read as; if I had added some beaten egg whites as usual, they would have been perfect. Ah well.

Also a few "gambas al ajillo" known as shrimp in garlic. Yup, more garlic. And "patatas bravas", potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce.



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Gazpacho, chorizo, crudités


Such a nice and warm day it was today. No cooking this time but still Spanish orientated with gazpacho and chorizo and a French touch, a few crudités, raw cauliflower and radish to nibble on.


Gazpacho is so easy to make and so refreshing in high summer. This time I used 3 large ripe tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, a small piece of stale bread (optional), a little water to adjust the consistency, pinch of sugar, Xeres vinegar, hot pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika), s&p. Cut everything a bit small so it's easier to blend. Put in a tall recipient and plunge your immersion blender in, until more or less smooth. Add more water if necessary and a good blub of good olive oil. Mix again shortly. Refrigerate at least a few hours.

This chorizo is from Spanish origin, made from black Ibérico pigs.


Gazpacho, chorizo, crudités

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Smors on a chilly August evening.
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Lovely ambiance picture, @Lagom

If anyone has more "ambiance" pictures to show, like BBQ and other recent summer parties, please feel free to post them.

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Lazy pizza


Another hot day yesterday and a very long bike tour ending in France, well, and back home. So, minimal cooking effort required but it has to be summery and yummery.


Pizza dough and toppings are all store bought. Topping; passata, good cooked ham, saucisson pur porc (dried sausage), preserved peppers aka peperoni with one "p" in the middle, mozzarella, dried oregano, olive oil, s&p.

How long does it take to fabricate a delicious pizza? Just enough time to consume a couple of chilled glasses of white wine, a glorious summer apéritif.





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Looks tastey and light.
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Shucks. I should have taken a picture of the plates, but didn't. We had a simple dinner consisting of the Italian lentil salad I did for the challenge, some melon cubes and a handful of sweet 100 tomatoes fresh from the garden. After the plates were clean, I thought that it was a very nice, light summer meal. I may have time to come home for lunch tomorrow, if so I'll redo it, with evidence.



Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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@Lagom Thanks!

@teamfat We'd love to see your creation, mjb. A picture says so much more, doesn't it.

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Salade Niçoise


The famous salad from Nice (hence Niçoise), the posh French town at the Côte d'Azur. I had my first salade Niçoise not too far away from Nice, in Juan-Les-Pins where we spent our holiday ... 40+ years ago. Juan-Les-Pins was then frequented by mostly young people, spending all day at the beach, packed with sun bathers, amongst which the most superb creatures in what could barely be called swimming gear. Topless simply was an evidence, or as they said, Le Minimum...:cool:, that was the beach uniform.

And if needed to escape the electrifying environment, a short pause on a terrasse in the shadow, with a "pan Bagnat" or a salade Niçoise and a rosé wine, all at Côte d'Azur prices of course :look:.


Salade Niçoise


Salad, potato, haricots, tomato, capers, black olives, egg (usually hard boiled), anchovies and canned tuna in oil.

Dressing is a heaped tsp of Dijon mustard, 2 tbsp. of vinegar, 4 tbsp. of oil (I use 50/50 olive oil and sunflower), s&p. Whisk until it all comes together.


p.s. compare this much cheaper commercial tuna with the one in the 3th post in this thread or the home canned albacore that @chefbuba uses... a day and a night difference! Still, this is what lands on your plate at the Côte d'Azur.

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Gado gado with marinated steak.

Veggies included blanched beans, cucumber, zucchini, French turnip, grated baby beets, carrots, and blanched English peas. It is all about the sauce. I ground up a bunch of toasted peanuts, added Thai red peppers, lime, garlic, fish sauce, ginger and a few other things for the sauce. Marinated the steak.
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It was our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday so we drove up the a spa on the coast in Bohuslan north of Göteborg. Dinner was served outside on the patio with its focus being locally sourced organic food. Nice salads as well as Salmon, grilled sirlion, inhouse made lamb sausage and roasted chicken. Add a bottle of organic Spanish Tempranillo as well as finally some decent summer weather.

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@Krys Very original.  I have to admit that I never heard of Gadogado before. One learns every day... thanks for posting your summer dish.

@Lagom Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! What's nicer than a summer dinner "al fresco"... must be a summer dinner at a water front in Sweden. Lucky you!

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Goat cheese salad


I so like the contrast of a salad served with warm elements. Like here; salad, warm goat cheese wrapped in bacon, roasted mini vine tomatoes.


Goat cheese salad 3

Goat cheese salad 1  I used a  goat cheese "bûche" as usual. Leave the crust on, except on the ends. Divide in 4 equal parts and wrap each one in 2 opposite directions in thin slices of bacon to make sure there will be no leakage in the oven.  


Goat cheese salad 2  s&p, bit of rosemary, brush lightly in sunflower oil. Some put honey on top but it will burn before the bacon is ready. I prefer to put some honey in the dressing; Honey, bacon and goat cheese are best friends!

Put the goat cheeses directly under the oven grill. Minutes before that, the vine mini tomatoes went in, also brushed in oil, s&p and... punched with a knife so they don't explode in your oven.


Dressing; 1 heaped tsp of grainy Maille mustard, half that amount of delicious Turkish pine honey, 2 tbsp. of tarragon vinegar, 4 tbsp. of good olive oil, s&p, fresh red chili, thinly sliced (no seeds).

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@ChrisBelguim I was doing some research re vegetarian dishes and stumbled across Gado Gado. The only thing traditional about my take on it is the sauce. Usually it is served with hb eggs.
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When I cook for the food photographer I follow recipes. When I cook at home I cook by taste. I don't usually measure things and I don't repeat dishes. That would be boring.
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Originally Posted by ChrisBelgium View Post

Pork chops and aubergines with chimichurry


Yesterday was a colder day, time to bake a dessert and use the oven to bake aubergines too.

Pork chops and aubergines with chimichurry 1  Aubergines, peeled, oiled and fresh oregano and savory from the garden, s&p, ready for the oven.


Pork chops and aubergines with chimichurry 2  Chimichurry ingredients. No-shows for the group photo were oilive oil, s&p.


Pork chops and aubergines with chimichurry 3  Warm but very summery dish!


Clafoutis aux cerises


It's cherry season! Time for a clafoutis. Stones in or out? I tried both, there's no difference in taste, so they go out, using that simple device, a matter of just a few minutes. Scrape a vanilla pod too, that will make a biiiiig difference, together with a dash of "Kirch" (meaning cherry) firewater.


Clafoutis aux cerises 1

Clafoutis aux cerises 2


A clafoutis can be made with other fruit. Normally you serve this still a bit warm and scoop with a spoon instead of cutting slices.

Beautiful pics!  Is that a white eggplant/aubergine I see?  Would not have thought to top it with chimichurri. Filing it away in my memory bank. 


You picked some of my favorite Summer go-to dishes - clafoutis and salade nicoise.  (Thanks for the giggle re the description of the dish - re Nice lol.)


Sometimes I change the Nicoise out subbing salmon (fresh or canned)  or crab meat or legs for the tuna. 


Great posts. :)

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