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Cal's block fit-out

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Hey all,

My wife and I received a low-end Wusthof block set as a wedding gift 3 years ago, and to celebrate our 3rd anniversary as well as her graduation from graduate school, I will be replacing our old set with all new knives. Two weeks ago, I had my heart set on a $900 9-piece block in the Shun Premier line, but thanks to feedback from members of this forum I've decided to outfit our old block with new single knives instead.


Below is a list of what I plan to purchase at the end of July. This list has already been refined after being posted in my "S35VN Cutlery" thread, but I'd like to post this refined list for any last-minute suggestions. Please feel free to offer advice if you think I'm making any poor decisions, and please be specific on which knifes you would take out and which knifes you would add. I'd like to keep the total cost around $1,000. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

270mm Sujihiki:


210mm or 240mm Gyuto:


150mm Petty:


($140) (scroll down to Gekko GEK-2)






Honing Rod (Ceramic):

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I have a few comments


1) I have a Gekko petty knife.  It is fat, and I hate sharpening the VG-10.  Hard to raise a burr, hard to deburr.  No thanks.  Spine is very sharp too.

2) I bought a Kohetsu as a project knife.  It's not san mai clad.  it is only clad on the sides.  It's the CKTG house brand and they're cutting corners again.  I did like the grind though.

3) You don't need a ceramic honing rod.  In a pro environment as a last resort maybe.  If you don't use them right, you can mess up your knives.  I just strop on finer stones for touch ups.

4) That misono slicer is pretty expensive.  I can think of a lot of things I'd rather spend money on

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If you're shopping CKTG be sure to check out the closeout section.  Some good deals there - enough savings to get a couple stones, felt deburring block, maybe a thermpen.

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Since you like western handled stainless things, I should mention that Korin has a 15% knife sale until the end of the month.  Also they'll do initial sharpening for you, which is not included on any CKTG stuff

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I just made my purchase! See below for my final selections--you'll notice that I made a few last-minute changes. I'll report my first impressions when the knives come in.

(1) 240mm Gyuto - Kohetsu Western HAP40


(1) 215mm Serrated - Tojiro DP


(1) 210mm Gyuto - Takamura Migaki R2


(1) 150mm Petty - Takayuki Damascus Hammered


(1) 145mm Honesuki - Richmond Artifex


(8) 120mm Steak Knives - Wusthof Classic


(1) 12in Ceramic Rod - Idahone



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The biggest problem with what you bought is perhaps going to be deciding whether to grab the Kohetsu or the Takamura.


I personally would have dropped the tojiro serrated and got some 240 suji in its place.  Yoshihiro PM Honkotsu and Itonomin Wah butcher (Millions sold me on this choice) in place of your petty and honesuki.  But that's just personal nit picking.






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Good for you Cal. Hope you enjoy them.
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Thanks guys. I received the knives on time, gave them a quick once-over and wrapped them up. Will be delivering them to the wife this weekend! She's gonna go bonkers :-).

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