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Advice on starting a culinary career

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I'm going to start with some background; My name is James, 17 years of age, and ready to move somewhere else next year. Currently employed at a bar & grill (Grizzly's - line cook) and a small Italian Caffe (Va Bene - saute cook). I've been thinking about college, as most American high school seniors do so. But i realized that I truly love cooking, the culinary arts, presenting an amazing plate - it's an amazing feeling. I have taken my youthfulness into consideration, how I may change my mind in a month or so and completely change my career choice, go to uni, etc. But almost the past year I've been set on cooking. Someday making it in a fine dining kitchen, as a sous chef, or even executive chef.


Now - - I ask for you advice / opinion. Should I pursue a smaller culinary school (not Le Cordon Bleu)? Just jump right into the field full-time? Seek an apprenticeship? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. As for the location, I definitely want your input. I have an older sister who will move essentially anywhere we agree upon. Also a contact in Leipzig, Germany - I've been learning the language just in case.


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Does the contact in Germany involve a job?If it does it's an opportunity you probably shouldn't pass up.The food culture there is so much better and you'd learn a lot even on your off time.If in a year or two you decide to go to university then you have gained valuable life experience and will be much further ahead than most of the other kids who went from their parents house to school.If you decide cooking is the path you want to take then you also will be way ahead of most people your age if you decide to return home.Take any opportunity that comes your way and you won't have any regrets later in life.Next time you have a question posting on the professional chef forum will get you way more responses.

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@rbrad thanks for the advice!

Should i repost im the professional chef forum or is that nit allowed?
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Any professional cook, which you are, can post in the professional chef forum.......they don't like when home cooks post because they have a completely different focus.

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