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New Vollrath Carbon Steel Seasoning question

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I believe it is a 12 inch CS fry pan.  Used hot water and soap and cleaned it really good.  Towel dried and started the seasoning process.  Used just a bit of canola oil.  I wiped it really good and started the stove top.  I used a medium high heat, started to see smoke.  I looked in the pan and started to see some browning but only on one side.  I moved the pan a little bit over where there was no browning and that started to brown.  Let it go for a few minutes and shut it off.  Let the pan cool off completely, and did it again 2 more times.  At that time, I felt the sides and it although it "appeared" to start a seasoning, it was very gummy and I thought to myself "maybe the sides aren't getting hot enough".  So with just hot water, i sponged the oil off the sides, dried the pan, light coat of oil, stuck in a 450 oven for a hour.  Did that 2 times.  Nothing was sticky at that point.  

Ok, I am kinda ready to use the pan.  I had it for a few days, and didn't cook anything in it yet.  Just wanted to scramble 2 eggs.  I know they are not the best thing for the a new seasoned pan, but I just couldn't hold off anymore.  The cooking went ok, and it only left a few dried egg spots.  I thought everything was pretty good until it was time to clean the pan.  The pan cooled for about 30 minutes, just with some hot water and a sponge, I began to wipe the inside of the pan.  I wiped, I wiped and I wiped.  Then the pan started to get lighter, I was actually removing the seasoning with just 120 degree water and the soft part of the sponge.  The pan cleaned up nicely but it did get me worried about the seasoning coming up and how much of the seasoning went in my eggs.  


Can I just continue the seasoning or do I need to start over?  


Thanks for any help and advice

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A proper successful seasoning doesn't lift from the pan with water and a sponge, and it doesn't lift and ends up in your food. 


I would start over and get a proper seasoning before you start cooking. And I would definitely not start with eggs. 


I would also skip the stovetop part and season in the oven directly. 


Best of luck!

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