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Hello from Spain

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Hi everybody,


My name is Ina, I´m a German native who lives more than 10 years in Northwest Spain, in the autonomous region of Galicia - very rich in culture, landscapes and gastronomy.

Since mid of June I´ve finished my traineeship by becoming a Tecnician in Bakery/Pastry according to the Spanish education sistem.

I´m really surprised about this very well done website, I think the creation of this website/forum it´s a wonderful idea to exchange ideas and connect with Chef´s from all around the world.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Spanish and also German gastronomy, I´ll be pleased to help out where I can.




Cheers/Saludos/Viele Grüsse



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Welcome to the site I hope you find a lot of helpful information here, we have a lot of really great and knowledgeable people here all the way from professional cooks and chefs to the average as well as serious home cooks.

I have never been to Northern Spain but I was blessed to visit Barcelona and absolutely loved it ... the wife and I can't wait to go back.


Take care and enjoy the site!!!

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Thanks Highlander01 for your warm welcome!

Indeed, it´s a very well done site where you can indulge into a huge amount of information!

If you have the chance to visit Spain again, try to travel to the North as well! It´s surprisingly beautiful with a very tasty gastronomy to explore:chef:

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Hello and welcome from Sweden. I get down to Spain a couple times a year, both for business and pleasure. Driving down for a couple of weeks in mid/late September for the olive harvest in the Malaga region with a few stops in Valencia, Alicante,and Madrid. I import Organic products( and others ) into the Scandavian countries. Haven't been to your region yet but there and Portugal are in my sights to explore.
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Thanks a lot Langom for your friendly welcome! Coming all the way down from Sweden - that is really a trip!!!

As a little "appetizer" for you and everyone else interested in coming to visit Galicia, I´m enclosing the following link:

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