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Admission in hrc culinary bulgaria

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Hello to all

I have search many institutes for culinary arts now i have decided to take admission at hrc academy bulgaria. My only concern is that will i get a part time job in bulgaria? So that i can bear my living expenses.

Pls ppl advice
Thanks in advance.
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Hello Bushra.. 


I think it won't be that much difficult to find a part-time job, but still I don't know whether you can find time time to do the job during your studies at hrc.

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Thanks for your reply.
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Lots of students work part time jobs while attending school.
In fact I would not be surprised if you told me most of them work and still have time to study and make the Deans list.

The hospitality industry is IMO a perfect fit with culinary students who need to support themselves as most are positions that require you to punch in after the days classes are complete.

I worked full time ( bartending, baking for caterers and waiting tables) for the entire 4 years of nursing school and graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

Never missed a lecture , a lab nor a clinical assignment worked full time AND raised 2 beautiful, smart and independent girls as a single parent (can I add here I never missed a dance recital or a t-ball game?)
So yes it can be done.
Just takes a strong will as well as a good work ethic.

Best wishes!


Don't know anything about school/work visas for non citizens of Bulgaria......
Are you (a citizen?)

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Motivated response.

Thanks alot.

Well i am from pakistan and belong to a middle class family so before taking the decision of moving to abroad i just want to know if ill get a part time job so that i can bear my expenses.
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You are welcome...

I haven't a clue if you will be able to score a work visa.
Maybe it will be easier since you are there already on a student visa.
Then again the majority of Europe requires you to have work skills (relating to a certain job) that are lacking in the citizens.
In other words you may not be able to work if there is the danger of being hired for a job instead of a Bulgarian who has your skill set..

Did that make sense lol?


Contact the Bulgarian embassy for the answers to your questions.
I would hate to stear you wrong on such an important issue.

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Dear Bushra,

I am currently planning to admit in HRC , Did you studied there? is it good ? did you find a part time job easily ? Just any info will be beneficial for me . Thanks !

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