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Hi im currently looking for culinary school within scandinavia (as much as possible i want to be in Denmark or Norway). Im 21 yrs old from Canada and im a highschool dropout but i already passed my GED. Can anyone help me find a good culinary school i'd appreciate it very much
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Do you speak Dansk eller Nørsk? While the population of the Scandic countries are very English friendly, education on the level you are looking at will require you to speak the local language. However, if you were looking to just work in a scandic kitchen you would have a fairly easy time finding an English speaking kitchen, as long as you have skills.
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Well i have 4 years of hotel/restaurant experience and my culinary knowledge is decent. Do you think its gonna be worth it if i enter a culinary school in scandi?
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Of course a lot "worth" comes from the effort you put in. The schools here are diffrrent than cooking schools in the US as they are education for restaurants in general are focus on all areas of the restaurant and the course is the same for the first year no matter if you final gosl us foh or boh.

As with any system, some schools are better than others. I do believe that as a non EU student you will have to pay tuition( at least in sweden ) as well as your living cost. However you could find a job part time to offset the cost.

Again, I see the language ss your biggest challange as the education will take place in the local language and the nordic languages can be tongue twisters.
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