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Meat trim help

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Looking for some ideas other than fajitas or soups that I can utilize meat trimmings,thanks yall!
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Family meal, tacos/burrito specials, stocks- sauces and braises, soup, grind and pack into burgers, give it to your dogs...
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Kabobs/skewers, stew, escoffier era demi glace, anything ground(meatballs, meatloaf, hamburger, pasta sauce), breakfast beef hash, stroganoff
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Thanks for the ideas, taco Tuesday in the works!
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What trimmings are you talking about?

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Chain meat from ribeyes, flaps from tops mostly
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Rib eye chain meat... I'd put it in a good roll with grilled onion and a great blue cheese!
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Make a broth or soup, and  toss the rest.

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Render the fat and sear your steaks in it.
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