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Hey there cheftalk!

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Hi, my name is chris, my wife and I after 20 plus years working in local restaurants finally bough our own place in Orcutt ca (Santa maria). We are two months in and business is good. Homestyle cooking with red oak BBQ that I added as I have grown up cooking traditional Santa Maria style bbq. Glad to have found a nice forum like this one, cheers!
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Hey there, Chris.  Congrats, and welcome to Chef Talk.  (Suddenly I'm in the mood for a Tri Tip sandwich :)  I'm in Cal, too.)

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I'll take mine medium rare please!

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Hey Chris welcome in. Im in Los Angeles area, might take me a while to get up there,

but a loaded pulled-pork-wich with wedge-cut steak fries would be vewwwwy nice . :) 







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