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center post stuck

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On a Hewlett Packard food processor, the center blade is stuck, or jammed, and  cannot be removed.  It's as if food had dried on the center post, but the blade could not be removed immediately following use.  The post and the blade will still work normally.  Have tried using very hot water to loosen the blade, but it didn't work at all.  Recommendations?

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Sounds like the plastic housing on the blade assembly might have jammed against the motor shaft, 

You might have to open up the case and "lock" or hold the motor in place while twisting the blade

assembly to free it up. Had this happen on one years ago, but it wasn't an HP. 

If you give us the model number maybe on or more of us can look up a schematic on one. :chef:

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Finally got the blade off the center post, the square part at the top is slightly bent and the blade wants to be jammed again if pushed all the way on, so it isn't pushed all the way on and is useless.  And it isn't an HP, of course, it's a Hamilton Beach TYPE - 14.  Another number embossed on the bottom is 525WMFX.



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Well you can always get a new blade, but if its the shaft that's damaged, probably not worth repairing. 

Especially if it's a "sidewinder" type. (belt driven as opposed to direct drive.)

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Thanks for the info...and I was afraid of that.  It's the shaft, and I guess a new machine is in order.   Have no idea how this happened.  Shredded cabbage and didn't know there was anything wrong until the cleaning.  Go figger.

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