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Deciding on purchasing a new knife.

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So I've been browsing the internet looking at some knives and I must say I've found myself in a bit of a dillema trying to decide which is right for me. I know I want an 8 inch knife that has a slight curve, I was also considering a gyutou my budget is $175 or below, I would also like the grind to be symettrical for ease of sharpening. I'm right handed as well. Thanks for any help in advance.

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Never seen a symmetric Japanese knife. But OK, some are less asymmetric than other ones. What will it replace, how will it get maintained, is it for home or pro use? And what do you call a slight curve: do you want it to be minimal or definitely present?
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Welcome, by the way...
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Sorry I didn't specify, by symmetrical I me I meant a 50/50 bevel. I would perfer a carbon steel gyuto unless you think otherwise. It will be for home use and I have the ability to sharpen it. This knife will not replace any particular knife, I would just perfer to have a thin knife in combination with my thick heavy german knife, which I plan to use souly for cutting squash, watermelon and things of that nature. These are some knives I've been looking at and would like your opinion, and or suggestions.



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Where do you live?

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post #7 of 12  Free shipping over $60 and don't forget to check out the closeout selection -

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I take it that you already have a beater knife, and I'm not particularly crazy about the ones you've selected.  Maybe you could tell us a bit more about what you want from a knife.





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Yes, I already have a beater knife which as of right now I use to cut everthing from tomatoes to deboning a chicken and everyting in between. I am looking for a knife that is thinner, lighter and has a better balance than my current knife. I still plan to use this knife to do the hard work, anything with bone or cutting something particularly tough like squash. I would love to hear any of your suggestions as for which knife I should buy.

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Personal idiosyncrasies aside, for an 8" knife to be used in the home I don't think you can beat the Takamura Migaki for the money, when they are available.


But, do you have waterstones and can you sharpen?  You are going to need both to make any good Japanese knife worth the money.





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Yes I have waterstones, and have been sharpening knives for over a year now. Where can I find the takamura.

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CKTG still has some.





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