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Corporate Lunch for 350

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I've been a caterer for almost 5 years. However, I've never catered an event this large. It's a corporate lunch that will last 2 hours for 350 employees.

I'm a little stuck on how much food to prepare. Being that it's only 2 hours, people will not have that much time to eat. I'm sure that I will not have to serve 350 of everything as the menu items are filling.

Here's the menu:
Pulled Pork
BBQ Chicken (Thigh and leg)
Burgers (Beef & Turkey)
Baked Ziti
Tossed Garden Salad
Roasted Potatoes
Baked Beans
Baked Cookies
Fruit Salad

Can you give me an idea of how much I will need of each?

I really appreciate all of your help!
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Buffet? How many stations? Are we talking 350 construction workers or 350 office workers? Have you quoted a price? Will the have a chance to go thru for 2nd's? Selfserve(if buffet) or will your staff serve?

Honestly 5 different main course option seems a bit much for a lunch buffet.
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Hi Lagom,

350 office workers and it's a self serve buffet. They might have time to go back, I doubt it though. Yes, contract is already signed and that's what they wanted for their menu.

I know it's a lot...but that's why I'm thinking I don't need 350 of everything. If you were catering this event, how much food would you buy?
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Tough mix with the varity but lets say
1 typt roll for the burgers and pulled pork i would go 100%. So 350

The burgers i would have at 70%. Ballpark 250 total between turkey and beef

I would have 1 piece of chicken per person

I would have about 40lbs pulled pork, positioned as the last entree option

8 1X1 pans of ziti. Positioned as the 1st entree item

Plenty of tossed salad and dressing. Should be the first thing on the buffett.

Probly 80 lbs of potatos. For the cost of potatos you should never run out.

5 1X1 pans of baked beans. Like potatos never run out.

If the cookies are big, ie famous amos size, 1 per person. The small size, ie chips ahoy, 1.5 per person.

Fruit salad figure 6oz per person.

I would position like this

Salad and dressing
Buns and burgers
Pulled pork
Condiments( doing LTO and such for the burgers?)

Fruit salad and cookies on a seperate table, set after people are eating, keeps the pickers from grazing on them pre lunch.

You will have leftovers, hope you have priced this well considering the varity.
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So about 1,150 or so main dish servings. For a 2 hour service,
mid-day meal. You're gonna have a lot of food left. I too hope
you're charging well for this or you may wish you did.Luck.
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Where are you located? If in the South I would flip flop the chix/pork amount with the burgers amount.

Cheese for burgers? 2hrs. I might even consider putting LTO's etc platter on table.

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Lagom, that sounds perfect! Thank you so much.... I think we can gauge it a little better now. Just really don't want a lot of leftovers left.

Panini, I'm in PA. I wish I could, the menu is already set. Yes, I plan to have cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion platters.

Thanks for all the help smile.gif
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