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Australian pastry stuff

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Hi chefs


i'm italian patissiere, I plan to expat in australia, I'm so confused about the name of my profession in the Australian market.


I don't understand if I'm a pastry chef or a Pastrycook? I make the online ''tradeset report'', to understand if I''ll make the skill assesment, but I'm more confused.


Anyone have a 457 visa experience?



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your a pastry chef.

457 visa is going a bit crazy right now, look for sponsorship from your employer or another type of visa.

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thanks so much, Akat!


I say 457 because I have only 2 years experience demonstrable, past years I work cash on hands.

I want so much work in australia, I'm counting every day, that left to my arrive.

I wish to learn quickly english, for working as a Pastry chef. First time it'll hard, because I'll begin with a student visa. 

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Good luck buddy. Personally I think visas are evil and anti human but they are reality. right now I`m not really in need of a desert chef anywhere but , yeah good luck mate. keep in touch and if I can help you out I will.

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Thanks a lot Akat, maybe we can introduce ourselves, I plan to work and study in Melbourne, it'll be a honour!

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