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japanese knife

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I am wanting to buy a japan made chefs knife .which one hattori,kanetsune  any input welcome for professional use $ 100-200 price range

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Kikuichi 8 inch molybdenum chefs knife- 177 dollars. It seems like a very big price, but it is a tremendously good knife.
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I guess this post will take the place of your other.  I was going to take a break from commenting but had to say I'm with Millions that  NOLA is a great place visit.  Can't walk into a corner convenience without finding something great to eat.


You're still not giving us a lot to work with but let's say it's a 210 you're after.


For my money at the high end it would be the Takamura Migaki if a laser is OK with you, or the Kohetsu in HAP40, or Geshin Kagero (which I now understand has a large flat to it's profile, despite giving the allusion of constant curvature).  All 3 are high-tech PM steels. Takamura will take the sharpest edge and hold it very well.  Kohetsu and Kagero will hold it better, like crazy edge holding, and are tougher.


Around a bill I'm afraid to say as that field is always changing.  The Kanehide has gotten good press lately.




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