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Sodastream angers customers

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I own 2 and very happy but found out something that angered customers to the point of killing the company. They changed the shape and amount of syrup sold in their bottles. Not a big deal since down sizing is being done all over and keeping the same price so less for more holly bible for consumerism. What angers people is they changed the ratio of syrup to water that now the new bottles make little over half old ones did. This doesn't bother me since I didn't buy sodastream to save money on the soda but to save time shopping for soda sales and draging bottles to and from the stores, we have bottle deposit here. It also gives me the choice to make any flavor I have syrup for 1 lit. At a time. I also buy 5 gal bibs of diet dr pepper or coke delivered to my house. I'm not ready to dump my sodastream, how about you if you have one
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Move over Sodastream, Keurig Kold is coming (to about the tune of $300.) Heard it on the local News this morning.

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Yeah partnership with coke while pepsi went with sodastream. A pepsi bottler in carl place closed and its been there for many years.

jeez people think Sodastream is expensive, the Keurig dispenses 1 glass at a time. drinkbeer.gif The machine cost $379 with the chance selling for $299 if it takes off wink.gif. The soda pods are $5 for 4 which make 8 oz. of soda each, that is $1.25 per 8 oz. glass LOL eek.gif. Don't think Sodastream should sweat them out
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I hope that Sodastream doesn't tank!!  Or if they do, I can find someone else to sell me cannisters of CO2 that fit the machine.  I have never been a fan of their syrups.  Even the non-diet ones contain artificial sweetener and I'm just not a big fan of the taste it leaves behind.  I will, on occasion, buy one of their syrups but for the most part we make our own soda syrups as well as shrubs (drinking vinegars) that we mix with the carbonated water.  If I'm in the mood for a Coke then I just buy Coke, or Mountain Dew, but no one is making soda flavors such as rhubarb, strawberry-rhubarb, 3 citrus, Strawberry-Basil, Thai Mango Shrub, Concord Grape Shrub, or many other flavors that we make at home.

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