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Keeping composure

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Ive been a line cook now for about 3.5 years in the DE/MD area, and I just got a job at one of the best restaurants around as the saute man. Any tips and tricks to keeping yourself composed to tackle a 800-1000 cover night? Other than the obvious keep your station clean, mise straight...  

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Never give up. Always call back. Always coordinate with the other stations and follow the expo's lead. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Keep in mind that 800 to 1000 covers is daunting now but before you know it it will just be another day at work. Dont let yourself get emotional, ie angry, fustrated, if you do you lost. Have fun, working a busy saute station when I was young was good times.
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I appreciate the advice, and yes it is a lot of fun. Mostly all of our sauces are made to order along with our risotto. Its a new challenge for me, I've worked saute since my first day getting shoved on the line. I've always premade all my sauces and just kept them on my station, but my chef wont let me do that at this restaurant. We did about 1200 covers this past night and about half way through the rush one of my le bistros got sent back and right as the ticket stacking waitresses (we had about 15 servers on and 7 cooks) were about to give us our next ass whopping, I gave the poor waitress an earful and it took me out of my zone and was never able to completely recover and got behind on my tickets and having the majority of the menu on my station I almost sunk the ship. The chef wants a sous chef also and he told me its between me and the grill girl. I figure if I can figure out a way to keep my composure on the line better, i'll be the front runner. Also any tips on fixing foh issues as a sous chef? problems include ticket stacking, food not being ran or food being ran to the wrong tables, and not to mention there is no foh manager. I figure if I can pitch a couple of solutions to the chef I would get the job. Thanks.

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