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competition help

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Hi I'm a breakfast chef doing a ready steady cook charity event for local youth centre I voulentered from my cafe as no one else would was only meant to be a bit of fun against another cafe!! But the event has spiralled out of control it now has 10 restaurants in heats against each other in front of an audience of 450 people!!! Panic panic!! Was going to back out but the press coverage has been pretty good and the boss is loving the attention!! I wouldn't be as strong as the other experienced chefs so the organiser let me pick my ingredients all I have to use is a frying pan and a couple of saucepans and 20min. I don't want to be put out in first round any ideas on what I could makes in 20mins not that complecated but looks the bizz!! Need your help chefs thanks!!!
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     You get to pick the ingredients but what are the limitations? Why only a frypan and a couple of saucepans?

Does it have to be a dinner entree? Is there a theme to the competition? What ingredients have you chosen? 

Some more information would help. 

You are a breakfast cook so cook some breakfast. There are so many things you can do with eggs. 


Remember this is all for fun so relax and just have a good time. 

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I can pick whatever ingredients I want .the kitchen is like a mobile kitchen just with gas jobs!! Very hard to relax don't want to make a fool of myself
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Gas hobs
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It is a mobile kitchen? 

What ingredients have you chosen? 

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I havnt choosen anything yet so anything goes
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You can, of course, choose dinner items in keeping with what everyone else is doing. 

But I would suggest sticking with your strengths. Start thinking of variations on eggs.

You can do a bed of julienned vegetables, two poached eggs and a sauce on top. 

Or a bed of hash made with whatever protein is available, with two eggs and a sauce or garnish. 

Or a warm salad with bacon pieces and two soft poached eggs. 

Shirred, poached, en cocotte, scrambled, hollandaise. 

Steak and eggs, salmon and eggs. 

A fast stir fry of whatever is available. 

     Much depends on what ingredients you will have available so if you will not know the ingredients in advance, 

start thinking about what kind of dishes you can make in twenty minutes. Obviously any dish with long cooking times isn't going to work. 

     In any case, your work habits will be most important. Stay focused and concentrate on working clean and neat.

Twenty minutes will mean short cooking times for the food because much of your time will be spent chopping, organizing your work, etc. 

So when faced with whatever food is available, think of how to get it into smaller pieces quickly so you can cook it in just a few minutes.

If you can find out what the food is in advance, that will help guide your thinking so when you get there you are more mentally ready. 

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