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I am in my final semester of college, i'm studying in les roches culinary college, i am about to graduate should i take a break and work just to gain some experience then continue for bachelor degree or starting working for good?. also what books do you recommend to read at this stage, should i start doing competitions and try to earn awards for good employment chances?? , i am really stressed at this time, i am not exactly sure what to do at the present. Please give me advices or tips that can help.


Thank you very much


Best Regards,



Culinary Student

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I don't know if there is any way for anyone to answer your question. You have to do what is right for you. There are pros and cons for each option. 

    I would suggest you plan on going back to school and finish your bachelors but until you do, find a job and work for a while to gain some experience. After working for a few months, you may be better able to make a decision. 

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How much real world work experience do you have outside of school. I ask because kitchens in the wild arent the same as a school. My advice would be to continue with school rightaway and work as much as possible. The degree will definately give you more options fornyour future.
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The key word here is WORK.

Nothing will give you as much confidence in yourself (and thus your decision making) as real world experience.

Doesn't have to be long term jobs or contracts....make a list of every place you find interesting and ask for stages.

Good luck and don't be a stranger....



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I appreciate your answers, it helped me settle my mind and make a good choice regarding this issue.

i am going to take a break and work for sometime and then come back to studying.


Thank you very much

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